“A bit dull today” a postcard from Plymouth in 1925

This lovely multiview card with silver trims was sent to Winnie Barber by Lily. The central image shows the Eddystone Lighthouse, and the other show “The Slopes”, Keyham Gate, Devonport, Saltash Bridge and Plymouth Hoe.

The brief message, written in pencil, is quite faded. Lily has been spending the day in Plymouth and is having a lovely time despite the weather being “a bit dull today”.

The postmark shows that the card was posted on July 22nd 1925 and was collected from the box at 1.30 pm.


A card from Ventnor in 1925

This rather faded card shows St Boniface Down, “800ft above the sea” at Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

It was sent to Winnie Barber in July 1925 from Connie who is staying at “Maisonette” , Madeira Road, Ventnor. The message suggests that perhaps Connie hadn’t intended to stay there, but she now likes it very much and the weather is very hot.

Winnie seems to have a new camera as Connie hopes her snaps come out well.

“Making the most of it” in Jersey, July 1925

This card was sent to George Barber at his workplace. The writer is having a really splendid time , with the sun shining most of the time. They are making the most of this by bathing, playing tennis, and walking 12 miles to the caves shown in the photograph.

The writer is clearly enjoying his or her holiday, judging from the comment “It suits me down to the ground!”

“The hills are all nearly perpendicular” a card sent from Lynton, Devon in 1925

This card fascinated me when I first saw it when I was a child. Growing up in suburban North London, I was very interested in the image showing the steep gradient of Porlock Hill in Somerset. The card was sent to Winnie by Ida and her message really conveys the joy of exploring North Devon and Somerset.

It’s worth quoting the message in full:

A Frith’s Series postcard

“Dear Winnie

We are having a splendid time and the drive on Saturday from Minehead to Lynton was most beautiful and exciting. We came down this hill and many like it. The hills are nearly all perpendicular. Don’t come here for a motoring holiday, as you’ll have a nervous breakdown afterwards. We have had some lovely walks. Love, Ida.”

A postcard from Hyde Heath in 1925: “It is lovely here”

This interesting card was sent by Winnie Barber to her parents in May 1925. The picture shows a large group of children sitting on the grass on the common at Hyde Heath in Buckinghamshire. In the background are some houses and woodland.

Hyde Heath, the Common and Cottages

Winnie describes the beautiful scene: “We are sitting with violets growing at our feet and gorse in bloom all round. It smells lovely!”

Bur of course there are drawbacks, as she adds, “There are also plenty of gnats however. Hope to arrive home whole.”

“8 hours on road altogether” ; a postcard from Winchester, 1925

This card was sent to Winnie Barber by someone calling him or herself something that looks like “Unslept”. It has obviously been a difficult, wet journey and the writer seems relieved to have arrived in time for dinner at 7p.m.

The writer hopes for better weather the next day and adds a note hoping that “Mother is better”.

“Snow is still very scarce” – a postcard from St-Cergue in Switzerland in 1925

This snowy scene was sent from someone staying at the Swiss town of Saint-Cergue to George Barber at his workplace in 1925.

The message is so faded that it’s almost impossible to read. The sender plans to catch the “10 am from Paris” on Thursday which reaches Victoria at 5.15 and George is asked to give Harlands (?) any letters and also the box which will arrive on Wednesday. The writer sounds quite bored as the snow is scarce and there is little to do.

“A most enjoyable time” – a postcard from Lyme Regis in 1924

This postcard, a peaceful view of the harbour at Lyme Regis, was sent to George Barber at his work address in August 1924.

The sender has had a good holiday despite the wet weather in the first week, and has made the 22 mile journey to Lyme Regis “through most delightful scenery”. They have had “good sport with the bunnies” and enjoyed hay-making in the previous week.

Posted in Wilderswil, Switzerland

This postcard has been a favourite of mine for many years now because it shows the Swiss village of Wilderswil which was the location of my very first trip abroad in the 1970s on a school trip. The Hotel Berghof where we stayed is actually shown on this card (it’s the large building on the right) but the person who sent this to Winnie Barber in 1924 was staying in The Hotel Alpenblick.

The writer, Madge, has addressed her message to Freddie but then has crossed this out and replaced it with Winnie and added (censor) in brackets. I assume this is a private joke: Winifred Barber seems to have been called Freddie by some of her friends.

Madge comments that Wilderswil is “not a bit like Weggis” and says that they can see the mountains and Lake Thun from the windows. She also remarks that “Henry is much admired” and asks Winnie to give her “regards to Caruso!”. I’m sure these rather cryptic remarks must have meant something to Winnie when she read them.

“Having a fine time” on holiday in Brighton in 1924

This postcard with an interesting view of vehicles parked along the Madeira Terrace in Brighton was sent to George Barber by “J.J. B” at the end of July 1924.

The writer tells George that the weather is good and they are having a fine time. “Poor Dorothy’s legs are red and Phyllis’ face is skinning”. Presumably both ladies have overdone their time in the strong summer sunshine!

The final comment is that they haven’t seen George’s motor on the front yet – were they expecting him to pop down for a surprise visit?