Sandown High Street – a card sent in 1919

This card was sent from Sandown, on the Isle of Wight,  on 26th September 1919.

The photograph shows a busy shopping street, the shops have their awnings out and people are out shopping and strolling on  a pleasant day.

This card is the first in my collection to be written by Winnie Barber. She is writing to her father.   Her message reads:

Dear Dadda,
Received registered letter safely and shall look for you tomorrow evening at time mentioned. Weather still good. Blackberrying today. Afraid of railway strike. Still hope for best. Love from both, Winnie

The railway strike began at midnight that evening (26th September) and lasted for 9 days until 5th October, so if George Barber had planned to travel by train from Palmers Green it seems unlikely that he arrived the next day.  I wonder whether Winnie and her companions had to extend their holiday in Sandown?

A modern view of the same location, which looks reassuringly unchanged 100 years after the postcard was sent!

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