A postcard from Tayport, Scotland

Postcard 2

Barber 2003
Scotscraig Lodge, Tayport
Barber 2 back005
The message is written upside down – perhaps to prevent the postman from reading it?

This is a  good coloured view of Scotscraig Lodge, Tayport, Scotland, sent to Mrs Barber on August 2nd 1907. “With Best Wishes” is embossed across the front of the card.

This view appears to show the East Lodge of the Scotscraig estate in Tayport. The estate was owned for many years  by Commander William Maitland Dougall, RN and was sold after his death in 1918.

At the moment I haven’t been able to find any definite information about the address from which the card was sent.

The message reads:

Scott’s Land

Queen’s Road


Dear A & G  (Annie and George)

The stewardess said we had the roughest passage of the season It was lovely until we went to bed when we were off Yarmouth. Then every one was bad even the stewardess.

I was sick during the night but not the next day. Ely was bad all the way & even when we got to the house.

Love Kitty

Was Kitty one of  Annie’s sisters:  possibly Catherine M Crerar (born c1880).  If so, then “Ely” who suffered so badly from sea sickness could perhaps Ellen B Crerar (born c1883).

I’m intrigued to know from where they departed: had they travelled from London?

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